The Human ImmunoPeptodome Project

The HIPP started in 2015 as a HUPO initiative. The long-term goal of HIPP is to make the robust analysis of immunopeptidomes accessible to any immunologist, clinical-investigator and other researchers to increase the impact of immunopeptidomics in immunology, vaccine and immunotherapy on a global scale.

Our team

The new Chair and co-Chair of the Human Immunopeptidome Project (HIPP) initiative are Michal Bassani-Sternberg and Nicola Ternette, respectively. We now have an executive committee composed of a motivated team of young researchers from around the world that are involved in different fields of immunopeptidomics. Learn more about our team by visiting the HUPO-HIPP website.

What we do

  • Organize a HUPO-HIPP summer school every two+ years to expand the immunopeptidomics community

  • Organize quarterly virtual webinars/panels to share and discuss the latest advances in immunopeptidome research and technology development

  • Design multi-laboratory studies to benchmark protocols and MS technologies

  • Establish partnerships with MS developers to improve detection and analysis of immunopeptidomes

  • Establish partnerships with journals’ editors and funding agencies to enforce sharing of immunopeptidomic data

  • Promote the visibility of HUPO-HIPP in publications, conferences, workshops and elsewhere

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