Welcome to the 2022 HUPO-HIPP summer school webpage

Making connections worldwide with people in the field of immunopeptidomics

The HIPP is proud to launch the 2nd edition of the summer school

Taking place at the Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, UK,

from September 6th to 9th 2022

Our mission

With our summer school, we aim to provide attendees with critical information about the main challenges of immunopeptidomics approaches with special emphasis on sample preparation, LC-MS/MS analysis, bioinformatics and data sharing. Most importantly, this initiative will provide an opportunity for networking among young scientists in the field of immunopeptidomics, which will contribute to boost the accessibility to immunopeptidomics technologies and to open this scientific niche to a bigger audience.

The summer school:

A 4 day learning experience to interact with experts in the field of immunopeptidomics

Application and selection process

The application process is now completed. Don’t miss our upcoming events, register to the HIPP mailing list.

Registration fees

Student = 420£

Post Doctoral Fellow = 625£

Academic Scientist = 625£

Principal Investigator = 625£

Industry = 1250£

Fees include: registration, 3 night stay at the Oxford University, breakfast and lunch.

Registration fees will only be asked upon acceptance of the submitted abstract.

Thank you to all our sponsors

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